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Our Clients feedback

I have known Rupert for 5 years. He has a very strong reputation in the legal sector for his

time as Managing Director at Cartwright King.

Rupert is easy to work with and was a valuable support to our leadership team. I believe that

he has a lot to offer firms in terms of his extensive knowledge and experience.

When I heard that Rupert had started his own consultancy, I asked him to undertake some

work for our firm and he assisted us with strategy and budgeting for our next financial year.

Rupert appreciates the importance of business culture and immediately fitted in with our


Nickie Elenor, Guardian Law

Rupert has worked with us for 9 months in a consultancy capacity and we are delighted with his contribution and the value he has added.

Examples of Rupert’s work for us include:

  • Developing and managing a formal strategic process

  • Providing an annual budget linked to the strategy

  • Delivering relevant and user-friendly management accounts with commentary

  • Identifying and measuring KPI’s relevant to the firm

  • Cash flow management

  • Helping deliver our LLP status

  • Chairing Partners meeting

  • Providing guidance and support to our new partners

  • Providing coaching and support to our finance function

Rupert is a pleasure to work with and is much respected at Painters by partners and staff alike.

Meera Khosla, Managing Partner of Painters Law LLP

As a small firm, we have limited resources to access specialised legal-financial advice and Rupert was able to adapt his service to meet our needs.  We worked together to prioritise the areas that needed immediate attention and set a plan and financial goals for the short and long term.

Vicky Hosking, Smith & Co Solicitors

Rupert oversaw our complex acquisition of a leading high-street legal practice and its conversion to an ABS.  He guided us through everything from pre-acquisition due diligence to case management upgrades post conversion. A true industry expert.

Joe Monaghan, Star Property Investment & Management Ltd

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